Media Link, IFPTE: A Labour Day Message from IFPTE President Junemann

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Dear Sisters and Brothers,

As we, in Canada and the United States, observe Labour Day 2015, we are reminded to acknowledge, indeed, to celebrate the value of the work performed by those around us.

Each and every day, women and men from all walks of life devote themselves to the tasks of their jobs. Some people work in the public eye, while most others work behind the scenes. They’re in offices or in factories or in fields; behind a computer or behind a steering wheel; in board rooms or in classrooms; overseeing a project or caring for someone in need.

Whatever they do for a living, the workers of both our nations devote themselves to making our lives better. While we all appreciate and hold dear the priceless value our workers bring to our nations, we don’t always remember to pay tribute to the people who are the true heroes of our countries. So, it is indeed fitting that we set aside a day to acknowledge the efforts of those whose labours have made our lives better.

And when this holiday is behind us, we must re-dedicate ourselves to the pledge that all workers must receive the pay and compensation commensurate with the significance of their work and their efforts.

To the members of IFPTE, I thank you for what you do, and I’m proud to join you in thanking the women and men in both our countries for their work.

Thank you and Happy Labour Day!

In Solidarity,
Gregory J. Junemann