AFEU-Secured Menlo Survey Federal Credit Union (MSFCU) Emergency (ASMSE) Loan Program


Recently, AFEU worked with Menlo Survey Federal Credit Union (MSFCU,, USGS’s credit union, to allow NASA employees to become members. Credit unions typically have low interest rates for cars, mortgages, etc., and as a NASA employee, when you join MSFCU, you may take advantage of those rates: MSFCU’s current rates:

In addition, as a benefit of your AFEU union membership, you may be eligible for a one-time emergency low-interest loan (max amount of $2,400), under your union’s AFEU-Secured Menlo Survey Federal Credit Union (MSFCU) Emergency (ASMSE) Loan Program.

AFEU has specific eligibility requirements and restrictions regarding these emergency loans:

  • The requester must be an AFEU member in good standing for at least the past year (365 days).
  • The requester is eligible for an ASMSE loan one-time only.
  • The requester must have a FICO Credit score of at least 680 to be confirmed by MSFCU using the Credit Bureau of their choosing.
  • The maximum loan amount is $2,400 and the maximum loan duration is 13 months.

In order to initiate the ASMSE loan process, AFEU members must:

  • Complete the AFEU loan request form, available here
  • Submit it to the treasurer (address on form) for verification of eligibility, who will then forward it to MSFCU
  • The employee then works with MSFCU to determine loan eligibility.

The current rate (Oct. 2015) for these low-interest AFEU guaranteed loans is approximately 2.2%, but may change at the discretion of MSFCU.