A note from President Schwenke today about the Shutdown

President Schwenke can be reached at (408) 470-8394 during the shutdown.

The union just sent out an email to the personal email addresses we have for the CBU.  If you missed it, you should make sure we have your personal email address here.   In the meantime, here is the text of President Schwenke’s email:

David Schwenke dschwenke at afeu.org 
Fri Dec 28 00:58:18 UTC 2018

Hello Fellow Ames Employee,
I want to share with you some information from the International I received
They are mounting an extensive media campaign to highlight the foolishness
of the shutdown, and this has been picked up by many news outlets:

   1. The Washington Post - As partial government shutdown heads into Day
   6, the ‘cold reality’ sinks in/Washington Post
   2. Chicago Tribune – Trump Signals No End to Government Shutdown
   3. Yahoo -
   4. NY Daily News:  Federal Workers Rip Trump’s ‘false’ claim ‘many’ of
   them want government to remain shuttered
   5. The Hill – Largest Federal Workers’ Union Slams Trump for Saying
   “many” workers want a shutdown
   6. USA Today – Government shutdown Day 5:  Politics doesn’t take a
   holiday as stalemate continues over border wall funding
   7. Bustle - This Government Employee Union Responded To The Shutdown By
   Setting The Record Straight For Trump – The Bustle

       Lastly, here is another article in the Houston Chronicle that
mentions IFPTE:

As for how long this lockout will last, Matt Biggs, our legislative
director, expects nothing to happen until Jan. 3, when the new Congress is
sworn in. He expects them to quickly pass a clean CR, essentially identical
to the CR that the Senate passed in early Dec. This bill would have to go
before the Senate again for approval, for the CR they passed before would
expire Dec. 31. The question then would be whether or not the President
would sign it, and if not, would there be enough votes in the Senate to
override his veto.

So it does not look like the shutdown will end for at least another week.

Meanwhile the Senate has passed bills that ensure that we are all paid for
the time we are locked out and also includes a 1.9% pay raise. These would
have to be passed again in the new year, and almost certainly will, for the
International is working very hard on this.

Stay tuned for more information,