Hatch Act and Social Media – Update Feb. 2018

In February 2018, the U.S. Office of Special Counsel (OSC) updated its guidance regarding when federal employees’ use of social media violates the Hatch Act. The OSC.gov link to that announcement is: https://osc.gov/Pages/Hatch-Act-Social-Media-and-Email-Guidance.aspx

The “Hatch Act Guidance on Social Media” is a longer document with an easy-to-use format that includes a number of real world examples to illustrate how social media and the Hatch Act intersect. Direct link to the URL: https://osc.gov/Resources/HA%20Social%20Media%20FINAL%20r.pdf

The “Social Media Quick Guide​” is a quick reference tool that has a checklist for permitted and prohibited social media activity for all federal employees. Most NASA (except for SES position) employees are NOT considered “further restricted employees”. Direct link to the URL: https://osc.gov/Resources/Social%20Media%20Quick%20Guide%20FINAL%20r.pdf

Other useful Hatch Act information is available at: