OPM Breach and cybersecurity legislation


Sen. Ron Wyden has some wise words about cybersecurity legislation given the OPM breach:

Let’s cut to the end of it: This all relates very much to the debate about the cybersecurity legislation coming up. I’ve been watching as this goes forward—there’s this phrase going around the cybersecurity community, “If you can’t protect it, don’t collect it.” Now, there is never going to be a system that’s 100 percent safe. But what I’m going to start [saying] on the floor as we get to this [CISA debate], is, you give the government a huge new trove of personal information about Americans before you’ve addressed the problems that were documented all the way back to 2007—those security holes—before you address those, [before] you plug them, that’s like responding to a bear attack by stockpiling honey. That’s going to be how I open the debate.